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  • I've got the following script to gather info of the diskspace of our servers. The script gathers some info and wilput it in a html file to be shown in a table by a browser. So far so good.


    # Continue even if there are errors 
    $ErrorActionPreference = "Continue"; 

    # Set your warning and critical thresholds 
    $percentWarning = 100; 
    $percentCritcal = 15; 

     # Set the recipients of the report. 
      $users = "wduizer@s-h.nl" 

     # Path to the report 
      $reportPath = "\\poweredge1\users\wduizer\Scripts\"; 

     # Report name 
      $reportName = "DiskSpaceRpt_$(get-date -format ddMMyyyy).html"; 

    # Path and Report name together 
    $diskReport = $reportPath + $reportName 

    #Set colors for table cell backgrounds 
    $redColor = "#FF0000" 
    $orangeColor = "#FBB917" 
    $whiteColor = "#FFFFFF" 

    # Count if any computers have low disk space.  Do not send report if less than 1. 
    $i = 0; 

    # Get computer list to check disk space 
    $computers = Get-Content "\\poweredge1\users\wduizer\Scripts\servers.txt"; 
    $datetime = Get-Date -Format "MM-dd-yyyy_HHmmss"; 

    # Remove the report if it has already been run today so it does not append to the existing report 
    If (Test-Path $diskReport) 
            Remove-Item $diskReport 

    # Cleanup old files.. 
    $Daysback = "-7" 
    $CurrentDate = Get-Date; 
    $DateToDelete = $CurrentDate.AddDays($Daysback); 
    Get-ChildItem $reportPath | Where-Object { $_.LastWriteTime -lt $DatetoDelete } | Remove-Item; 

    # Create and write HTML Header of report 
    $titleDate = get-date -uformat "%m-%d-%Y - %A" 
    $header = " 
      <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'> 
      <title>DiskSpace Report</title> 
      <STYLE TYPE='text/css'> 
      td { 
       font-family: Calibri; 
       font-size: 12px; 
       border-top: 1px solid #999999; 
       border-right: 1px solid #999999; 
       border-bottom: 1px solid #999999; 
       border-left: 1px solid #999999; 
       padding-top: 0px; 
       padding-right: 0px; 
       padding-bottom: 0px; 
       padding-left: 0px; 
      body { 
       margin-left: 5px; 
       margin-top: 5px; 
       margin-right: 0px; 
       margin-bottom: 10px; 
       table { 
       border: thin solid #000000; 
      <table width='100%'> 
      <tr bgcolor='#548DD4'> 
      <td colspan='7' height='30' align='center'> 
      <font face='calibri' color='#003399' size='4'><strong>Daily Morning Report for $titledate</strong></font> 

     Add-Content $diskReport $header 

    # Create and write Table header for report 
     $tableHeader = " 
     <table width='100%'><tbody> 
     <tr bgcolor=#548DD4> 
     <td width='10%' align='center'>Server</td> 
     <td width='5%'  align='center'>Drive</td> 
     <td width='15%' align='center'>Drive Label</td> 
     <td width='10%' align='center'>Total Capacity(GB)</td> 
     <td width='10%' align='center'>Used Capacity(GB)</td> 
     <td width='10%' align='center'>Free Space(GB)</td> 
     <td width='5%'  align='center'>Freespace %</td> 
     <td width='5%'  align='center'>RAM %</td>
      <td width='5%'  align='center'>CPU %</td>

    Add-Content $diskReport $tableHeader 

    # Start processing disk space 
      foreach($computer in $computers) 
     $disks = Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $computer -Class Win32_LogicalDisk -Filter "DriveType = 3" 
     $computer = $computer.toupper() 
      foreach($disk in $disks) 
      $deviceID = $disk.DeviceID; 
            $volName = $disk.VolumeName; 
      [float]$size = $disk.Size; 
      [float]$freespace = $disk.FreeSpace;  
      $percentFree = [Math]::Round(($freespace / $size) * 100); 
      $sizeGB = [Math]::Round($size / 1073741824, 2); 
      $freeSpaceGB = [Math]::Round($freespace / 1073741824, 2); 
            $usedSpaceGB = $sizeGB - $freeSpaceGB; 
            $color = $whiteColor; 
    # Start processing RAM
      $RAM = Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $computer -Class Win32_OperatingSystem
    $RAMtotal = $RAM.TotalVisibleMemorySize;
    $RAMAvail = $RAM.FreePhysicalMemory;
    $RAMpercent = [Math]::Round(($RAMavail / $RAMTotal) * 100);

    # Set background color to Orange if just a warning 
     if($percentFree -lt $percentWarning)       
        $color = $orangeColor  

    # Set background color to Orange if space is Critical 
          if($percentFree -lt $percentCritcal) 
            $color = $redColor 

     # Create table data rows  
        $dataRow = " 
            <td width='10%'>$computer</td> 
      <td width='5%' align='center'>$deviceID</td> 
      <td width='10%' >$volName</td> 
      <td width='10%' align='center'>$sizeGB</td> 
      <td width='10%' align='center'>$usedSpaceGB</td> 
      <td width='10%' align='center'>$freeSpaceGB</td> 
      <td width='5%' bgcolor=`'$color`' align='center'>$percentFree</td> 
      <td width='5%' align='center'>$RAMpercent</td>
      <td width='5%' align='center'>$CPUpercent</td>

    Add-Content $diskReport $dataRow; 
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor DarkYellow "$computer $deviceID percentage free space = $percentFree"; 

    # Create table at end of report showing legend of colors for the critical and warning 
     $tableDescription = " 
     </table><br><table width='20%'> 
     <tr bgcolor='White'> 
        <td width='10%' align='center' bgcolor='#FBB917'>No Warning</td> 
     <td width='10%' align='center' bgcolor='#FF0000'>Critical less than 10% free space</td> 

     Add-Content $diskReport $tableDescription 
     Add-Content $diskReport "</body></html>" 

    # Send Notification if alert $i is greater then 0 
    if ($i -gt 0) 

        foreach ($user in $users) 

            Write-Host "Sending Email notification to $user" 

      $smtpServer = "SNH-EXCH01" 
      $smtp = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer, 25)
      $smtp.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential("wduizer", "Boeing757#");
      $msg = New-Object Net.Mail.MailMessage 

      $msg.From = "ict@s-h.nl" 
      $msg.Subject = "DiskSpace Report for $titledate" 
            $msg.IsBodyHTML = $true 
            $msg.Body = get-content $diskReport 
            $body = "" 


    the script uses some variables to display the data gathered from the servers.

    What i want is to store the data in a sql db every time i run this script (once a week) so i can write a html to show a historic diagram of the disk usage.

    Now my question:

    How do i write the variables to my database?

    varaiables are: (in db kolom)

    $computer (servername)
    $deviceID (driveletter)
    $volName (drivelabel)
    $sizeGB (total_capacity)
    $usedSpaceGB (used_capacity)
    $freeSpaceGB (free_space_GB)
    $percentFree (free_space_proc)
    $RAMpercent (RAM_proc)
    $CPUpercent (CPU_proc)

    SQL servername= WIM-KANTOOR, tablename= serverinfo

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