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  • Hiya, i was wondering if someone can help me. Im trying to learn about Business Maps and UML Business object modelling by reading my brother's old lecture notes from university but there are some things about the diagramming i do not understand.

    i have a diragram that shows  two tables(?) Program and Student.

    • code
    • name
    • name
    • DoB
    • Date of studentship
    • date of enrolement
    • date of empolyment (employment of students at the school)
    • hold flag
    • date hold flag set (while the hold flag is set. it denotes that a student is suspended)
    the program table(?) is linked to the student table(?) by a 1-*

    How do you make this into a business map? The notes here are not really helpful and when i try to google for some information i get other things such as "put your business/ogranisation on the map" which isnt really helpful.

    On my diagram i put student is linked to Enrolement and Enrolement is linked to program. But i dont think what i have done is correct.
    Can someone please help me?

    Thursday, December 7, 2006 4:58 PM