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  • If you can help me in any way I would be grateful.
    We have a memory consumption problem with a WPF application in my group.

    This application uses a third party tool called sand doc which allows
    us to create dock-able windows in the WPF application.
    So we have different buttons that when clicked, open up windows that
    display information and do other calculations and db retrieval type

    When these buttons are clicked to open windows in the app, we see a
    large increase in memory consumption. One window, when opened, might
    eat up 20MB of memory in task manager/process explorer. Then when we
    close the window the memory usage still persists (we are caching some
    information so we did expect some memory persistence but not that
    much). So after opening up 30-40 windows we can see upwards of 300+ MB
    being used by the process.
    Now because when the windows were closed we didn't see any memory
    usage drop, we thought there was a memory leak so we conducted a test
    and performed a garbage collection on the app, and this immediately
    dropped the memory usage back down to an amount we thought was
    acceptable. It was an amount that was close in proximity to the amount
    that was being used before we started opening up dock-able windows in
    the application. After seeing this we said "ok, no memory leak but why
    is the application using so much memory? Even with no leak using that
    much memory causes a slow down of the application, so why is that?"

    I can seem to ge the profiler working so I'm looking for advice on how to approach this.

    I think I'm goingto use a 3rd party tool like dottrace

    I would like to see what objects are using the
    most memory, what methods in those objects are using the most memory
    and what types in those methods are using the most memory. Then, if
    possible, give suggestions as to how we can fix it. I know this last
    request might be pushing it.

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  • I found that after un subscribing to an event it released the memory being consumed.
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