Strategy Around Publishing to Steam


  • I have a UWP game that I'd like to promote and list on Steam. Clearly this won't be easy.  I am hoping to share my thinking on how this might be possible and solicit your feedback. Here's the strategy I have in mind...

    1) Create a UWP deployment package with a test certificate which expires in the far future. 

    2) Create a traditional WIN32 executable which is associated to steam and is responsible for installing the UWP app AND launching it when requested from steam if the UWP app is not installed.

    3) WIN32 installation workflow: check if the UWP app is installed.  If not, extract the game from an embedded EXE resource (as a zip file) and place said files in steam game installation directory.  Run elevated command to change OS to trust developer apps (hack).  Lastly, run command line to install UWP package for user.

    4) WIN32 launch workflow: if UWP game installed, run command line to launch game.  WIN32 app polls periodically to see if UWP game is running.  Once UWP game is no longer running WIN32 app closes so that Steam recognizes termination of the process.

    Phew!  All of this would be easier if UWP could just compile to a native executable.   Do you think this would work?  Might there be an easier approach?



    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 2:44 PM