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  • Dear All,

    We have developed a console application that (re)sets a couple of Enterprise Custom Fields.
    All the fields are on Task level but they are not all the same type (Number, Date, Text,...)

    The code to do this is based on these posts:



    After some testing we notice a strange behaviour that we don't seem to be able to fix "decently"


    1) Create a test project in PP, we set the custom fields and we publish the project.

    2) View the same project in PWA

    Result --> All data is correct and identical in PP (Project Professional 2010) and PWA

    3) We run the console that will set and/or reset some (only) custom fields.

    Result --> All data is correct and identical in PP and PWA

    4) We edit some data in PP and some data in PWA, save it and publish it.

    5) We rerun the console application

    Result --> All fields have been (re)set in PP, when we look at the same fields in PWA the fields that have been edited in PP have been reset, the fields that have been edited in PWA still hold the "old" and incorrect value.

    We have tried to change the console application to edit not only the TaskCustomFieldsRow but also the AssignmentCustomFieldsRow. The result is the same.

    The only solution is to delete the project and never update the custom fields in PWA. You can imagine this is not the solution we want to offer the business.

    Has anybody experienced the same behaviour and/or fixed it? Is this a known bug that has been fixed with an SP?

    Best regards,

    Cédric Vannesse

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 12:18 PM