What to do with Azure setup - Web + SQL + Proxy RRS feed

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  • Hello I'm trying to workout what I need to configure my web application to run on Azure.

    Ideally I would like

    • A Web Server - Access to File Storage (Images, Documents etc) - Later I will need more servers do I need to consider Load Balancing etc with Azure - I recently had a look at Amazon and they had a detailed configuration which included load balancing and other features - does Azure have any walkthroughs like this? http://media.amazonwebservices.com/architecturecenter/AWS_ac_ra_web_01.pdfhttp://media.amazonwebservices.com/architecturecenter/AWS_ac_ra_web_01.pdf
    • Possibly a second web server running back end portal (Subdomain mapped to different IP)- haven't made a complete decision about this - if using a distrubuted cache this should be no problem (Memcached or Other) - Is this what Azure Cache directly refers to.
    • Database Server SQL (Preferrably Separate from web server - should price allow - aiming for Medium term before I need to start making changes to structure). Do I need to configure this later on if the instance where a very large mass of data was accrued and available across a distributed network i.e. Server in Pacific, Server in USA.
    • Proxy -Varnish or something like it? Does azure have anything by default?
    • Service running (Somewhere) - checking mail, and custom operations/calculations etc

      Budget at this stage is 200 NZD per month. (Happy to scale back elements if Im asking to much at this stage)

      Any help would be appreciated
    Tuesday, June 10, 2014 8:35 PM