Showing a custom Backstage tab on Word Startup RRS feed

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  • We have a Startup .dotm which loads a customUI.xml which overrides Word's default "New" tab in the backstage and replaces it with our own document list.

    This works fine once a document has been opened, clicking on the "File" tab to open Backstage shows our options.

    However when Word 365 is opened from the Start Menu our options are not shown.

    The startup template is obviously being loaded and applied as TabOfficeStart (i.e. the default "New" options) is not being shown. The options given are Home and Open. If we remove the startup template New is shown between the two options.

    I'm assuming that there is an extra option that I can add to the tab definition in the code below to get it to show. But I'm not finding much in the way of documentation.

    <customUI xmlns="">
        <tab idMso="TabOfficeStart" visible="false" />
        <tab id="MFLLP" label="MF New" insertAfterMso="TabOfficeStart">

    Dan Kelly

    Friday, October 4, 2019 11:17 AM