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  • I'm doing analysis to check why my computer is taking so long to enter hibernate sometimes, then i found this xbootmgr and xperf, which is able to capture the suspend and resume trace, which is great!!!! i manage to capture the trace, and i found that is the "suspendservices" is taking long period to do its work. But i've check the children services under it, it doesnt seems to have any problem!! The total duration for children services was only 7753 us.... But the total duration was 29931775 us. Why is this happening??? Any1?? Thanks in advance! 

    + <suspendservices start="5265284" duration="29931775" totalChildrenDuration="7753">
      <service start="35191314" duration="923" name="iphlpsvc" />
      <service start="35190526" duration="767" name="StiSvc" />
      <service start="35189772" duration="739" name="WSearch" />
      <service start="35189036" duration="722" name="wuauserv" />
      <service start="35195744" duration="683" name="AudioEndpointBuilder" />
      <service start="35192253" duration="532" name="SysMain" />
      <service start="35193715" duration="532" name="Spooler" />
      <service start="35196444" duration="530" name="RpcSs" />
      <service start="35194261" duration="517" name="Schedule" />
      <service start="35194794" duration="483" name="SENS" />
      <service start="35192800" duration="477" name="LanmanWorkstation" />
      <service start="35195291" duration="438" name="Audiosrv" />
      <service start="35193292" duration="410" name="BFE" />
      <suspendshowui start="250296" duration="0" />
      <superfetchpagein start="35197139" duration="27891" />
    Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:45 AM