C#: Need to know how to use this event Log1_EntryWritten [Even Log]


  • Hi there all I am creating my own form So I have like Form 1 [Main Form with Start/end/settings button on it] and Form 2 [Settings Page] and on the settings page I added tab with event log and I want the event log to show me all the event that are being performed on the Form 1 and form 2 [records all the events]

    For eg: If I  click the button start or clicked the button save settings i want it to be shown in the event log

    Along with a message saying "Settings have been changed successfully" [When I click save settings] and error if not.

    I have been really searching hard, I am getting some info here and there but the real thing is I do not know how to apply them into my content.

    Really hard to get a video tutorial on it.............XD

    Help!!!! it's like I am drowning here [Yes, I am starting from scratch, can say I am Newbie]

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015 9:36 AM