Excel 2013 Power Pivot Oracle ODBC intermittent connection issue.... mostly none. RRS feed

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  • Windows Pro 7 64 bit

    Office 2013 32 bit

    Oracle thin client 11.2  32 bit

    I have done my research and understand it's one of two problems.  One, Oracle client setup or version.  Two, the security setup on the oracle client folder.

    Issue:  I currently cannot connect to oracle through PowerPivot.  I can connect through Excel, Access, and other ODBC tools.  That leads me to believe the client is fine.  I believe it's possible there could be an issue of 32 vs 64.  I am currently locked in the image I use here at work.  I could change it but then other users will not be able to use the tools I create.  The exact error I get from PowerPivot is Failed to connect to the server Reason:  OCIEnvCreate failed with a return code -1 but the error message text was not available.  I believe what is happening it is not able to use the client folder or it is sending null for the user name and password.

    Just to be sure it is not a folder permissions issue I have given "everyone" full access to the oracle folder.   The first time I did this it worked!  I was able to connect.  Now I can't and I haven't changed a thing.  One time I opened a PowerPivot that I had gotten working previously and I got this same error when trying to refresh.  I closed it and opened a new PowerPivot and was able to make another connection that worked.  I closed the new one and opened the old and it worked.  It's just plain enough to make anyone crazy.

    and yes.... I have checked all environment variables.

    I starting to think that PowerPivot wants to use 64 bit sooooo bad it keeps doing something. I'm really starting to think it's a bug.

    Thanks for the help.

    Monday, August 24, 2015 7:44 PM


  • Solved: Removed Add-In.  Closed Excel.  Added it back in........ very sad.
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    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:25 PM