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  • Parts of the site have been up for a few weeks now, but the bit that is relevant for this forum is that the online maps are available with Virtual Earth base maps.


    The project is a collaboration between the University of Dallas, Winwaed Software Technology LLC, and Leaves & Lizards. We shall be mapping the Leaves & Lizards rainforest restoration project. The project is only a year old, so we shall be getting baseline data and intend to return each year to see the changes. Field work will be performed by the Field Ecology class (who had their first class today).

    We fly out on Sunday. Field work is projected to start on Tuesday for a week. We shall be having the students blog their experiences whilst we are out there (yes wifi in the rain forest!). We are also hoping to have live updates of both the maps and new panoramic photos.

    The maps are implemented using MapServer and OpenLayers. The Virtual Earth version of the map is at:


    (Internet Explorer recommended for the VE version)
    This uses Virtual Earth for the base map. This gives very good coverage of wider Costa Rica and Central America.

    We also have a version which uses a simple outline map instead of Virtual Earth, here:


    Obviously this lacks wider Costa Rica coverage, but it performs better at high levels of zoom.

    These maps demonstrate the wide range of online map technologies that can be mixed in one application. The VE map mixes MapServer, Shape Files, GeoTIFF, WMS, Virtual Earth, OpenLayers, and KML! This excludes the survey grid which is drawn at runtime with Javascript. Both OpenLayers and MapServer support a wide range of data sources, so this is a mere sampling of what is possible.

    An article describing the use of OpenLayers with Virtual Earth will be published on the http://www.mp2kmag.com website in the next few days. This uses an example that takes a SHP overlay layer from MapServer using WMS.

    Richard Marsden
    Winwaed Software Technology LLC
    Tools and Add-ins for MapPoint - http://www.mapping-tools.com

    Thursday, May 22, 2008 2:36 PM


  • The article he mentions is now up --


    Richard wrote an article about some of the technical details i.e. how to make OpenLayers work with Virtual Earth.. you can find on MP2K Magazine:

    "This article by Richard Marsden shows you how to create a Virtual Earth base layer in an OpenLayers application. OpenLayers is an open source Javascript project which receives the layer map data from one or many different sources including WFS, Yahoo, WorldWind, Google, TileCache, TMS, and GML."





    Friday, May 23, 2008 8:33 PM