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    Hello All,


    We are facing a serious problem and it appears to be occuring only on Windows server 2003 with SP1/SP2 and not on any other platform.


    We have a external data transmission software that takes the input in an excel sheet. We can upload data to our application from this excel sheet. When i click on upload, the upload action indefinitely hangs. If i use same data and same software on any other platform like Win2K server, upload is done successfully.


    Tracking the code that performs upload, shows that for one transaction three INSERT queries are generated which are to be executed. At the end of third query, the system starts hanging. We do not know if its a Windows Server 2003 security or firewall problem or the transaction is not getting committed.


    We have also verified that this is not a SQL server issue. We use SQL Server 2K as well as SQL Server 2K5 and problem persists in both.


    Immediate help will be appreciated as this is turning out to be a critical issue in Production.


    Thanks in Advance,


    Friday, January 16, 2009 1:26 PM

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