NDIS 6.0 connection-less protocol driver sample RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am completely new to driver development. Willing to do the work myself as it were. However wanted some advice on which of the various ways to go. Essentially I am looking to implement an IP protocol with a much performance as possible. (Hopefully half saturating a Gigabit link) with a core i7 machine might be do able ? Its not TCP or UDP but a custom IP protocol. 

    I.e will have its own IP protcol IETF number.

    Very simply I need everything with the given protocol number to go to my code in userland and to be able to send with this protocol number. Have tried Raw sockets but not wildly impressed with their performance, restrictions, ( ie no acces to header in IPv6) etc. Is it possible to write a userland driver with the required performance? If not how far off would it be?

    From reading about the web i gravitated toward the NDIS 6.0 connectionless idea.

    My interest is in the protocol rather than driver development but with limited budget, ( apart from my own time), it looks like i will have to write my own driver. Have been in software engineering for ~ 20 years so not general novice but definitely driver novice.

    How simple can I make this? what is the best route to go here?

    All advice / pointers very welcome.



    Simon Hodkinson

    Saturday, April 30, 2011 9:02 PM