ADFv2 Bug? Copy+Stored Procedure inside ForEach loop


  • There seems to be a bug when executing a Copy task followed by a exec Stored Procedure task within a ForEach task while executing in parallel.  I am using the stored proc to log output properties to a Azure SQL DB and I have wrong row counts being assigned to tables that are executed in a different iteration of the ForEach.  So if two tables run at the same time and one runs short and one runs long, it is logging the rowcount of the shorter execution to the first table in the iteration instead of to the specific table in the same iteration.  I am assuming this is because in the stored procedure I am using the copy task's output properties to get the rowcount but when running in parallel the copy task output is changing to a different iteration.  The task is not holding onto which iteration of the copy task called the stored procedure on success.
    Wednesday, June 27, 2018 3:59 PM

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