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  • Hi All,

    I have a large EDI 837 X12 message which contain many claims, size goes beyond 5 MBs. Using sub document splitting setting in schema EDI disassembler is de batching individual claims.

    I have created a wcf service by exposing a schema which I created where I added elements for hold EDI document and a unique property using which a single claim in that file can be identified. 





    Clients use this request message to upload their EDI and I consume this message in my orchestration where I check using Xpath the unique property within debatched message and if found I send a response message.

    This works fine except, sometimes this is really slow for the large messages

    Also, sometime the property is not found in any of the debatched message so the request times out.

    Can anyone suggest a better way to implement this.


    Friday, January 15, 2016 11:05 PM


  • Well sure, if the size of the batch increases, the longer it's going to take.

    The easiest, if the Property is required, that should be checked first, maybe by the Schema Validator in the Receive Pipeline and immediately send the error back to the client.  The client is timing out because your internal process is failing and the response is never generated.

    Since the process really shouldn't block until you've debatched the entire interchange, you can do the initial EDI processing using Preserve Interchange, then debatch the Xml in a separate process after you've delivered the 999 back to the client.

    These Wiki Articles describe how to do that:

    Debatching the EDI Xml is no different than debatching any other Xml.

    However, do you really need a custom interface to upload the EDI?  AS2, or just a Http Post, is easier on both ends.

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