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    Basic Question:

    Consider i have created an web project in Visual Studio. Created a new page (default.aspx), designed it and write some code
    in VB (OR) C# in the code behind file (default.aspx.vb [OR] default.aspx.cs. I have compiled the project and run. It open the default
    in a browser window and working fine.
    Now my question is:
    1) In which part ASP.Net comes in the above scenario?
    2) While compiled the application what will happen?
    3) Can any one explain each and every step from creation to till rendering in browser in a DEEP manner?
    4) Can any one explain, with the above example  What is the roles of the following  : HTTP.sys, inetinfo.exe,
    workerprocess, ASP.Net Run time, .Net, AppDomain.

    Thursday, June 28, 2012 3:28 PM


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