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  • Well, silly ol' me, I've gone and deleted the XML file that was in the .NET folder in Program files. Bad move. Now, .NET 2.0, while still thinking it is installed, won't run at all. See, it seems as though I've deleted a very important part of .NET 2.0, but since I never technically uninstalled it, XP thinks that it's still there and perfectly fine. isn't. At all.

    Because the computer thinks it's still there and all, all I get with an installer is either "Repair" or "Uninstall". Both of those fail to do anything, however, as there is no longer anything to repair/whatever.

    So, being in this jam, I felt like deleting the rest of the files in that folder, hoping it would trick the computer into letting me do a fresh install, but of course that didn't work one bit. It's still got the same problem, and now I don't even have the five .dlls that were in there.

    So now I've exhausted all my ideas, and am left with nothing to go off of. But perhaps you guys can think of something.
    Basically, I'm hoping that I can take those 6 files that I stupidly deleted out of the installer, then "repair" it, and hope that works.

    Or maybe get a program that'll make it do a fresh install regardless. Either way, I'm thinking, should work.

    Or you guys could just be real nice and let me borrow yours. :D I really need .NET 2.0 running on my computer.
    Sunday, June 8, 2008 2:48 PM