Where are the updates? Where are the features for WP7 RRS feed

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  • Needing to know why "massive" feature-providing updates have not been implemented yet? WP7 is basically featureless and I stuck with it rather than return it because it was understood "massive" updates at the first of this year would bring all of the desired features. Why has MS changed it's position? Is it because of early reports of wide-spread pleasure with WP7? If so, hold onto something because the longer we all use WP7, the more displeased we become. The quality of the system cannot overcome the lack of features.

    I suggest MS get off their hind quarters and get busy pleasing the growing numbers of very disgruntled and unsatisfied WP7 users before it's too late. MS has a "massive" uphill battle to make WP7 worth having in the face of superior competition and all MS seems to be doing is twiddling their thumbs and lollygagging around. We are the customers and we give you fair warning: Please us or WP7 will be "Kin'd".
    Saturday, January 29, 2011 12:59 AM