why outlook ask to "enable preview handler" every time for my own created and registered preview handler RRS feed

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    I have created preview handler for outlook and it is working properly (I mean it is giving the preview in preview pane for the file of which i have created the preview handler) but the problem is when i try to click on that file in preview pane (which is attached on a mail) i get first message that "YOU should only preview files from a trustworthy source, Previewing the file might not show the full contents of the file.....and so on..."**  and when i click on **"Preview File"**  button it gives second message that- **"File cannot be previewed because the following preview handler has been disabled : The name of the preview handler"**  then when i click on **"Enable preview handler"**  it again gives first message **"you should only preview the files from trustworthy sorce...and so on.."** and then when i click on **"Preview File Button"** it gives the preview of that file.

    So now on the third time on clicking the **"preview file button"**  i can see the preview of the file in preview pane. Even when i see the File preview option of my Attachment handling (In trust center) then i see that my preview handler is automatically checked out after each display of the my preview handler so thats why it gives me second message (that preview handler not enabled) . Why it automatically checks out after the display even there are many other preview handler which are always checked in even after the display (thats why they don't have second message . which is "Preview handler is not enable , enable it") 

    What is expected is on click to the file it should give only one message that is "you should only preview the files from trustworthy sorce...and so on." and then on "preview file" button click it must give the preview of the file. but in my case this second message is unexpected.

    any clues ? what to do to get a rid of this second message ?

    I also want to tell you where i have made the registration in the registry-

    I also want to tell you that i have made regsitraton at the following place in the registry-

    To register the “.xyzpreview handler we need to make registration at different locations in the registry. The locations are as follows-

    (1.)    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xyz\shellex\{8895b1c6-b41f-4c1c-a562-0d564250836f}  =   Default            REG_SZ            {0B846B07-FF8E-4FA2-96B0-7AF273040189}

    (2.)        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{0B846B07-FF8E-4FA2-96B0-7AF273040189}\


    =(Default)         REG_SZ         C:\Users\sshekha\Desktop\          XYZShellExtPreviewHandler \bin\x64\Release\


    =ThreadingModel              REG_SZ                          Apartment


    =(Default)   REG_SZ     CppShellExtPreviewHandler.XYZPreviewHandler Class


    =(Default)   REG_SZ     CppShellExtPreviewHandler.XYZPreviewHandler Class 

    (3.)        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PreviewHandlers

    ={0B846B07-FF8E-4FA2-96B0-7AF273040189}      REG_SZ         XYZPreviewHandler


    (4)        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{5DA58BE0-0BDB-4C2F-91C3-184C97C548A5}

    = DllSurrogate         REG_EXPAND_SZ               %SystemRoot%\system32\prevhost.exe

    IS THIS A PROBLEM OF OUTLOOK THAT EACH TIME IT CHECKS OUT AFTER THE IMAGE DISPLAY OR IS THERE ANY PROBLEM WITH MY REGITRATION PROCESS (because i was trying some thing randomly . i deleted the the registration done at the path of 4th registration(see above the path . when delete it and regster it again then for the first time it don't give this message **"File cannot be previewed because the following preview handler has been disabled : The name of the preview handler" . but when the second time i try to see the preview of .xyz file then again it gives that message. (but on deleting and registering again at the 4th path it don't give that message only for the first time but second time when i try to preview the .xyz file it again gives the same message(why microsoft outlook checks out my preview handler after the first use ??))

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