SQL Server Memory Issue By FTC


  • Hi,

    We, Fortune Trading Corporation using SQL Server 2008 Version 10.0.4000.0 SP2 Standard Edition (64-bit)

    We have noticed an issue, which effecting our system and SQL Performance, hence we required your suggestion to fix the same.

    Case Study

    When SQL server starts, the memory that has been used by sqlserver.exe is around 80 to 85 MB.

    Then after opened the SQL server Management studio the memory is increased to 135 MB

    Then we ran a query to fetch records from XYZ table of ABC database, it is fetching the required details from 70 lacks records (Aprox), by just completing this query the memory size been increased to 548 MB., all these are not issues,

    The Issue Starts here

    Now the user is closing the SQL Sever Management studio., Even after closing the SQL Server Management studio it still shows that  sqlserver.exe is using the same 548 MB, Actually When we close the SQL Server Management Studio the memory usage has to be reduced to the earlier stage of 80 to 85 MB, where as  this is not happening.

    Ofcourse the memory will be reduced only when the user Re-Starting SQL Server or Re-Booting the Server.

    Hence we required you to kindly suggest to us the memory usage in the optimized way to increase the performance of the our SQL Server.

    Fixing this issue will be much helpful to us as a SQL server 2008 customer like us.

    Revert for any query or clarification,

    Thanks in Advance

    Monday, June 24, 2013 10:05 AM


  • This typical behaviour of SQL Server, it will grab the memory as on when required, but will not release it unless OS force it to release.

    You need to configure your  max and min configuration of memory



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    Monday, June 24, 2013 10:12 AM