Temporarly methode: start metro apps on ati cards with 1024x600 RRS feed

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  • first i plugged in my external display with a resolution of 1280x1024 and opened tweetrama and socialite and on the external display, they rune fine, then i unplugged the vga kabel of the external display and then i hit fn+f5 (thats the letter combination that my acer aspire one 521 have to switch between the internal display and external display. then i clicked again on socialite and it worked as a charm! the same for tweetrama! but when i wanna open somthing else, nothing works. just that 2 apps i opened with the external display worked.

    this is an proof that metro apps run fine on 1024x600 and that the limit of 1024x786 is <removed abuse>!

    i must say that not all of the apps work with this methode

    this apps work with thise methode:

    • Internet explorer 10 touch (the lower part of the internet page cannot be seen)
    • tweetrama
    • socialite
    • weather
    • stocks

    The following apps dont work with this methode:

    • build app
    • rss feed
    • app store

    i dont tested all of the apps but more are comming!

    link to video:


    (sorry for bad quality)

    i hope it also works for you(:


    Thursday, October 20, 2011 9:03 PM