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  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to create a WPF application where it will show ellipses on touch points while able to follow and also disappear when the fingers are "Up" (Just like the touch indicator)

    Now the problem is that whenever I touch ("down") my screen for about 4 seconds without any movement, the StylusUp/TouchUp(From WM_Touch) will be invoked automatically. At first I thought it's the press&hold gesture which has caused this but even after I disabled the press&hold and other gestures through various methods, I'll still suffer that problem, even though the gesture icons/animation are no longer there.

                Stylus.SetIsPressAndHoldEnabled(this, false);
                Stylus.SetIsFlicksEnabled(this, false);
                Stylus.SetIsTapFeedbackEnabled(this, false);
                Stylus.SetIsTouchFeedbackEnabled(this, false);

    *I've even tried using the wndProc method to disable system gesture, still no luck on that.

    Based on my observation, right after the StylusDown event, the StylusMove event will be invoked repeatedly even if I am not moving my finger, but after 4 seconds (3800+ miliseconds), the StylusMove stopped and StylusUp is raised. If I move my finger around, the StylusUp will be raised 4 seconds after I stopped moving.

    How can I stop/change the timer? Just FYI, my app will need the finger to hold on the same position without moving for a long period.

    Can anybody shed some light on my situation? I want the StylusUp event being raised only when I lift up my finger. Thanks!

    Sunday, October 11, 2009 7:07 AM

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  • Which version of Windows are you running and on which hardware?  This may be a Windows 7 driver issue that could be resolved around the time of Windows 7 GA.


    Monday, October 12, 2009 9:22 PM