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  • Hello all;

        i'm having an annoying problem  with  WMP 11 it won't find my media. when the screen comes up  that asks which folders to monitor  i  put in thier my  music and then  press enter and nothing happens. ( this  happens  with  media center  now as well.)  my  music folder is filled with  music  too. so i'm at a lose to figure this out.

    i've tried droping my  music folder into  MP  but to no avail.

    It all started one night  around  2 am i bought  2 songs  from  Urge.  ( when  WP was working)  well i got  an error saying  they could not be downloaded cool. so i waited.

    two days later  i try again... same  problem . but then i tried to  rip a new  cd i bought...  it ripped but  it  wouldn't assign any  data to it (   album art, artist  song titles) i  could  click the  look up info  and i could see it. but when  i clicked  finish  it wouldn't add. so i  was like this  isn't  right. so  i  tried to  roll back. well... that  proved  worse... i  could  get album info and  all. and rip the  cds  but when i  restored  WMP 11  no  media  was  found ( it dosnt even  try to look)  so  i'm   stuck with nothing.!!! any one know why this is doing this? oh and it  wont  recognize my MP3 Player now. ( creatve ZEN vision m)

    i'm  stuck  with  my listening on  my  crappy labtop  speakers >.<  WMP 11 wocks fine on my  laptop...

    Please  need help...
    Saturday, May 26, 2007 4:44 AM