SSIS to read WSDL for Workday


  • I am using Script Component on SSIS to consume the data shared by workday using a WSDL on a Report. 

    - Added output columns

    - I added a Service Reference (connection -passed) and trying to consume a wsdl.

    - I am now trying to read the data but see null values. I am new to C# -coding. I am trying to read more than one column and no input parameters are being sent to WSDL.

    More specific I am trying to read the class "Report_EntryType"(Report)

            for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
                MyOutputBuffer.wEID = Report[i].Employee_ID.ToString();
                MyOutputBuffer.wFN = Report[i].Full_Name.ToString();


    I have no other code written but Report itself has null values and reading in null values into my output columns. Please suggest.

    Thank you!!!

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