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  • Hello,

    What is the correct/recommended way for creating a Visual Studio solution for only .NET Core projects?

    Option 1:

    Starting by creating a Visual Studio Solution (Other Project Types -> Visual Studio solutions) and adding several Projects (.NET Core Class Library, ASP.NET Core) to this solution. What I e.g. see when creating my solution this way there's no src folder nor a global.json file, ...

    Option 2:

    Creating a project (e.g. a.NET Core Class library), this creates as well a solution (based on the  Class Library name). Here I get an src folder and global.json file. Then adding the other projects (other .NET Core Class Libs or ASP.NET Core) by creating them in the src folder?


    Monday, November 14, 2016 1:04 PM

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  • Hi Guy Dillen,

    When you create a .net core project (under the .NET Core), the src folder and solution Items has been added to the solution.

    But if we create a Blank Solution, and add .net core project to it, there are no src and Solution Items folders in it. Which indicate that the src and Solution Items are not the essential in .net core project. These folders could help us manage .net core projects and solution conveniently. And if you add a core project to the solution, this project will not be added to src folder.

    So we could also add src and Solution Items folders to Blank Solution manually. The same results, when you create a src folder to Blank Solution, and add a .net core project to it, then you create the second .net core project, and the second .net project will be added to src folder by default. And then you add a project to the Blank Solution, this project will be added outside the src folder just like above .net core solution.



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