Green and Sustainability and Win8/Metro Aps? What forum or new one? RRS feed

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  • Green=planet (energy, for example), lots of good stories Win8 already.  Sustainability, add people, need discussion forum about ergonomic load (keystrokes, gestures), cognitive load (use as little of my brain to run the o/s ap as possible so I have as many brain cells as possible left to do what it is I am trying to do). 

    What forum/discussion for this or should we start new one?

    Examples:  Power button now 1 gesture (swip), 3 touches minimum to power down (encourages user to just hit the off switch, which has frozen my BUILD machine already).  This option probably used multiple times per day, other than the Start menu arguably one of the most-used options on the charms bar, should be at least 1 level up if not 2 compared to where it is now; another example, ENG (keyboard configuration) has primo coginitive spot for left to right readers of lower right corner of screen, for huge percentage of users, this will be set once and never change, should be buried deeper or moved to cognitively less important spot (upper right or lower left, for example) and power possibly moved over into its place.

    Looking to have this also be the forum to collect the keystrokes that went backwards from xp to win7 (paste went from right click, p in xp to right click, p for group, p for paste, enter, so it doubled from 2 to 4 keystrokes.  Bandwidth challenged user (live out in country), also used multiple times per day)

    Win8 is an awesome product already, the metro apps are great, want to provide discussion forum re UI so there is every opportunity for this o/s/UI to be the best it can be.


    Kathy Malone

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011 2:36 PM