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  • I am a moderately proficient FrontPage user and I wonder whether Expression Web is the right product for me to migrate to. You see I am totally incompetent when it comes to writing code or programming of any kind (VB / PHP or any other acronym you may throw at me). So do you think I can create sites with Expression Web with the same ease that I was used to on FrontPage? BTW, when is EW 4 expected to be released - next month, next year ...?
    Sunday, June 20, 2010 8:27 PM

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  • EW4 has been available for a few weeks now.

    Nobody can answer those questions except you. There's a free 60-day trial--fully functional. Download it for yourself and see. Experiment. If you decide to buy it, just enter the activation code they send you and that keeps it from timing out--no need to reinstall anything.

    If you need help finding your way around EW or HTML or CSS, look in the post at the top of this forum labelled BEFORE POSTING. There are resources in there. at the bottom, to help. First stop for orientation in EW, HTML, and CSS is Cheryl's tutorial at (download the resources and play along). Then hit W3schools for reference. Learning a new product or technology demands a structured approach; get that grounding and you'll be good to go. It ain't rocket science.

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    Sunday, June 20, 2010 8:37 PM
  • "So do you think I can create sites with Expression Web with the same ease that I was used to on FrontPage"

    Short answer: No.

    EW (and Dreamweaver, its only real competition in the professional Web development sphere) can produce robust, standards-compliant markup. Unfortunately, this capability was not in the repertoire of FrontPage. FP could produce deprecated, proprietary, non-compliant markup that ran reasonably reliably in IE5, and OK in IE6. However, this is not 2003, the Web and user expectations have evolved, IE no longer has a virtual monopoly on browser share, mobile technology has brought the Web to non-PC platforms, and FP's method of catering to a single rendering technology will not, cannot, work any longer.

    As for your "total incompetence," that is because with the hand-holding provided by FP you have never troubled yourself to learn HTML or CSS. That does not mean that you cannot, simply that you have not. As Bill says, it ain't rocket science. Both are simple markup methods to describe the layout and appearance of a Web page, and if you want to produce anything that looks as if it created in this millennium, for today's Web, you will have to invest some time in learning.

    You are not alone in this. We have had many FP refugees come here in the same situation you find yourself in. Most of them, sometimes after an initial spate of whining over or complaining about the fact that EW is not FP 2010, have applied themselves to the task of learning the underlying technology of the Web, and have become, if not expert, at least reasonably facile in the use of those technologies to produce the ends they desire.

    So, long answer: No, but neither will you be able to do so with any other tool. FP is dead and gone as an evolving technology. You have two options, actually three: Keep using FrontPage, or learn the necessary knowledge to produce modern Web sites using whatever tool you choose, or quit Web development altogether. Sorry, but in Web development today, TANSTAAFL. Put on your eyeshade and have at it. The resources Bill referred to are excellent, and by applying yourself you will be surprised how quickly you can come up to speed.



    C'mon, folks. This isn't rocket science, nor neurosurgery. It's "Expression" (singular ) "Web" (singular ), in that order, followed by a version numeral if you wish to be specific. It is often abbreviated "EW." It is not "Web Expression," "Expressions Web," "Web Expressions," or plain "Expression" or "Expressions." Not using the correct name indicates either ignorance or laziness. Most folks would rather avoid the appearance of either.
    Sunday, June 20, 2010 9:45 PM
  • Expression Web 4 is already released. ( )


    It has a learning curve and is *not* as easy as Frontpage was - it is a professional design tool on par with Dreamweaver in many respects.

    You would benefit from learning how to do basic coding in HTML and CSS to gain at least an understanding of what the code is doing, and also so you can start to understand the terms used if you should post any further questions to this forum.

    Start out by downloading installing the trial.

    Work through the tutorials mentioned in the "Before Posting" sticky (see the first post listed on the forum here), to give you an idea of your ability to learn how the application works and what you can accomplish.


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    Monday, June 21, 2010 1:17 PM