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  • Not sure this is the right place to write this.


    But I have used windows 8 for a while now and I'd like to point out some suggestions to this OS. Some might be critical, some may be small but handy changes.


    1. First of all, the classic start menu is essential. It is a convenient way to go through all apps and quickly access things which you dont want to be pinned anywhere. Classic start menu could be added as an additional button, or as a concept i did in photoshop:




    2. Windows live passwords do not support symbols like ?,! and more. For some reason however, the hotmail website (and maybe other places too) does not warn the user when he enters them, and auto deletes them and accepts the password. So I had delusion that my password had a question mark, and i couldn't login to my windows 8! Only when I removed the question mark, i managed to login to my PC. This is very critical issue!!


    3. Multitasking for metro apps is needed. alt+tab works fine, but we need something like that combined with close button on the top of the app preview. (something like latest symbian task manager on nokia phones)

    And of course "close app" charm needs to be added to the charms! This is unacceptable that a user cannot decide if he wants an app closed or minimized.


    4. I installed k-lite codec pack to my win8. And then i was scared how many random small codecs and their tools got pinned to my metro start screen! I had to select them one by one (i can't select multiple - needs fixing) and unpin.

    Perhaps metro start screen only needs to autopin the metro apps. And the user can pin any apps (metro or classic) from the apps list (and also the option to pin to the metro start screen should be added to the classic win desktop environment)


    5. suggestion: safely removing hardware management needs improvement! For inspiration you can check how 3rd party programs do it: http://safelyremove.com/en/index.html


    6. Several bugs:

    -In control panel's folder settings there is an option to display classic drop-down menus in explorer. This is irrelevant for win8, since we have the ribbon. Though some explorer windows without ribbon can still display classic menus. Perhaps they could be permanently activated then and the option can be removed.

    -sound drivers sometimes do not work after the system start, but the restart fixes the issue.


    7. I have set a browser different from IE as my default browser, but in metro environment, the IE is still the default one. Users must be able to change the default browsers for both UI.


    8. Metro needs theme support just as Aero does. And both Metro and Aero themes should be put to the Store. And desktop gadgets too


    Thank you very much. The new OS looks very promising. But still needs a lot of work.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011 2:19 PM

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  • A small addition after using start screen for a while:
    I can accept the new fancy Start screen, if it doesnt only bring the new stuff, but also keeps the old things I am used in Start menu:
    1. All programs organized in folders: like "k-lite codec pack" folder with all codecs, uninstaller and media player - tell me how would one browse through program components when those components are distributed randomly between other apps in alphabetic order? Or think of having many "uninstall" programs and you have no idea which is which.
    Clearly folders need to come back.
    2. Control panel, my computer, recent items, run etc. These need to return.
    3. On windows phone 7 start screen there is a button which shows all apps. On windows 8, there is so much empty space, you really can put all the stuff I mentioned above in a nice way with fancy buttons.
    Also, I like the new language bar. I think you should make the old desktop language bar have 3-letter abbreviations for languages as well.
    Saturday, October 8, 2011 6:19 PM