Aggregate Concatenation of text fields in Visual Studio Report RRS feed

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  • I have a Visual Studio Report that outputs a short text field, and I need to concatenate all the results into one large text field at the end. (Meaning I need to concatenate each row's data, not columns within the row.)

    For example, if I had these results in separate rows, I would need them at the end of the report in one field, all together, with line breaks:
    06:15 AM Ticket Opened
    06:25 AM Ticket Updated
    06:35 AM Ticket Closed


    (1) How do I insert a Line Break into a text field here? I've tried CHR(10) and CHR(13) and it doesn't force a line break in the fields.

    (1) How do I get a final Concatenation of the fields? There is no Concatenate Aggregate function. I have tried working with a variable in the report, but I don't know how to append to it on each row.

    Example: Variables!varAll_Activity.SetValue(Variables!varAll_Activity.Value & {Line Break code here} &


    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3:24 PM