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  • Hi,


    I am working on a project that involves a VS solution with around 70 cs projects and two websites.  I have been asked to begin looking into how the code base can be split - the idea is to keep the majority of the cs projects as 'product' code

    and to have a 'project' team work on the websites.


    The two schools of thought are to

    1. Have the product team work on product code and to internally release every while (either fortnightly/ monthly etc).  The 'project' team would take the 'product' teams dlls and build their websites with references to a release of the product teams dlls.


    2. Have a new VS solution for the 'project' team containing references to the project teams websites and all the (cs) projects from the product team that they require.


    Either way It is not required for the project team to be modifying the product teams code, however it would be useful if they could debug and step through the product teams code.


    All the code is currently in subversion, and the idea is that with method 1, there would be a separate repository for product and project teams, where as method 2 would involve one repository with everything in it.  In the future there may be additional 'project' teams that would work on new websites, based on 'product' code. 

    I think there could be merging and maintainability issues with method 2, but a strong advantage with method 2 is that it allows project teams to step through the product could.


    I guess what I am looking for in this post is for anyone who has seen similar issues or has any comment on what is currently being proposed.  I haven’t much experienced managing something this size, so it would be useful to know how others would do it or if there is another way that I have missed..


    Thanks in advance for any comments offered!




    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 4:06 PM


  • I would strongly recommend looking into the first four chapters of the TFSGuide

    Although it has lot of details with respect to TFS, the guide itself can be used for any project organization with or without TFS.

    There are some 'best practices' at the end of the guide.  I am using this guide to organize our project solution, it is very handy.

    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 5:02 PM