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  • Hi all.  I'm still new to C# so please forgive me.  I've already completed a major feat (by my standards) in creating an executable that recieves a user selection and creates a text file base on it.  It's a windows app form and has a few elements.  What I'd like to do is implement a database (or something like it) that displays dropdown choices depending on the specific choices of users. Example: The user selects a file through an openfiledialog via my executable.  The filename and safefilename are displayed in 2 seperate labels on my one form. Depending on the file chosen (if it matches one in a database) a combo box will be displayed offering specific choices to the chosen file. User selects an option from the combo box, then another combo box appears with options specific the the first chosen option in the first box.  Again, depending on the file chosen, a combo box or textbox will appear so forth and so on. 

    But the bigger question for me is, how can I implement such a thing (database, library or whatnot) and have it part of my executable?  This is not to be communicated through the internet or server in anyway. Everything is to be downloaded by a user, ready to fire up and begin selecting files for their use.

    Much of the 'Help' in VC08 is very empty of examles regarding creation of dataset's, libraries, datagrids, and whatnot, and lots of links are broken when I look through the Index, search and "How Do I".  I guess I'm also asking, where can I find a very dumbed down tut on doing some of these things?
    Tuesday, March 10, 2009 9:10 PM