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    I'm using the ExplorerSelectionChange event and I need to check the type of Outlook item I'm dealing with.

    I can get an object from the selection and try to cast it as a MailItem, catch it if it fails and try to cast it as a ContactItem etc but that is very clumsy. Instead I tried to use the is operator as in the code below. However, it is not recognising anything.

    Can you spot what I have done wrong? Debugging shows the object is retrieved from the selection but it is not recognised as any Outlook item type. (Info is just a static class to carry references needed through the add-in.)

    private void adxOutlookAppEvents1_ExplorerSelectionChange(object sender, object explorer)
                object oItem = null;
                if (Info.OutlookApplication.ActiveExplorer().Selection.Count == 1)
                    oItem = Info.OutlookApplication.ActiveExplorer().Selection;
                    if (oItem is Outlook.AppointmentItem) MessageBox.Show("Appointment", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.ContactItem) MessageBox.Show("Contact", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.DistListItem) MessageBox.Show("Distlist", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.DocumentItem) MessageBox.Show("Document", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.JournalItem) MessageBox.Show("Journal", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.MailItem) MessageBox.Show("Mail", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.MeetingItem) MessageBox.Show("Meeting", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.NoteItem) MessageBox.Show("Note", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.PostItem) MessageBox.Show("Post", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.RemoteItem) MessageBox.Show("Remote", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.ReportItem) MessageBox.Show("Report", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.SharingItem) MessageBox.Show("Sharing", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.StorageItem) MessageBox.Show("Storage", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.TaskItem) MessageBox.Show("Task", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.TaskRequestAcceptItem) MessageBox.Show("Task Request Accept", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.TaskRequestDeclineItem) MessageBox.Show("Task Request Decline", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.TaskRequestItem) MessageBox.Show("Task Request", "Outlook item type");
                    if (oItem is Outlook.TaskRequestUpdateItem) MessageBox.Show("Task Request Update", "Outlook item type");

    Mike VE

    Friday, December 4, 2015 11:35 AM


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  • hmm, without further information: while it often works to reference an outside variable like Info.OutlookApplication.ActiveExplorer, it may fail in more complex scenarios. Use the explorer parameter instead.

    Then - without testing - when Selection is a collection, then you should assign oItem = explorer.Selection[0].

    Friday, December 4, 2015 12:02 PM
  • Hello Mike,

    The Selection object can't be cast to Outlook items. You need to get an item first because the Selection object may contain multiple items, for example:

    Object selObject = this.Application.ActiveExplorer().Selection[1];
    if (selObject is Outlook.MailItem)

    See How to: Programmatically Determine the Current Outlook Item for more information.

    Friday, December 4, 2015 12:09 PM
  • Thanks guys. Adding [1] to selection did the trick. I should have known that!

    Mike VE

    Friday, December 4, 2015 12:27 PM
  • Hi Mike,

    Please mark it as answer to close this thread if helps you to solve that issue..



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