In Office.js add-in, an html page in a default browser is not opening if URL is empty RRS feed

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  • Per this suggestion from a Microsoft employee, I tested that the following code in Home.js file successfully opens a URL (html page) in a default browser if URL is defined. But if url is left blank, it gives following message by my Windows 10 desktop. I was expecting it to instead display a default about:blank page as demonstrated in this online tutorial page.

    Following two work in Home.js:'','test title');
    or'http://localhost/myWordWebAddIn1Project/SomeHtmlFile.html','test title');


    But following line in Home.js instead displays the regular Windows 10 message (shown below) asking you to choose an app/program to open the following page:'','test title');

    Message that popups up by Windows 10 when you use the above line in your add-in:

    Office JS

    Question: How can we make the'','test title'); work in the add-in as well?

    NOTE: Please note again, the above line of code works fine in W3Schools online tutorial linked above.

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