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  • Hi.
    My question:
    Does everything that is executable code within a WIN-system has to be provided using files that
    match the definition of PE-format?

    (Executable code - as far as I (not jet SW-Expert!) know - always lives within files like .sys, .exe, .dll ...
    These files internally are all??? PE-Format (also called COFF).)

    If this holds true, the following should be possible (with no effect to WIN-system functionality):

    Having a WIN System (xp, VISTA or WIN7) just installted (to harddisk 1),

    On harddisk 1:
    If I move EVERY file, that internally matches the definition of PE-file format to a backup harddisk (HD2 / keeping folder structure) . .

    . . . then delete the remaining files on HD1 and

    . . . after that return all files from HD2 back to HD1 (keeping again folder structure.

    The System will run as intended by Microsoft . . .
    . . . and does not miss a single executable file (.sys, .exe, driver, dll, ...)

    Please let me know, if that is true
    and possibly where I find written evidence within microsoft documentation.

    Kind regards for your support

    Friday, March 20, 2009 12:27 PM