PopUp - local path/UNC Path RRS feed

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  •   catch (ArgumentException)
                    // popup fails for local paths/UNC paths, in this case resume video playback
    I found this in the Expression Media Template.. I am trying to use this function for a PC file system based project Im working on..
    When the Expression Web Dev. Server loads up the page at localhost: ect.. the popup works , If I just open it up in html this PopUp option will not function and continue to play.. sooo
    Is this a default action and the code above is describing it or can I manipulate to have a popup when I load up a HTML..

    EDIT: I really dont want another html to popup so if a solution is able to have a silverlight app popup I would really want that.. I want one Silverlight app to then use the popup function to open a different silverlight app.

    Anyone with WPF knowledge would this be easier using silverlight in a WPF app?

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    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 11:49 PM