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  • Here are some issues in Windows Explorer:
    Issue 1:  I have added more than 5 buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar from the Ribbon. However, when I select any item in Explorer right pane such as a Drive, Recycle Bin, any EXE program or any Library, "Drive Tools", "Recycle Bin Tools", "Application Tools" or "Library Tools" appears respectively in the Title bar. Because of this, rest of the commands in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) end up being truncated and shown in a ... dropdown. This is not intuitive. Also, I don't wish to show the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon, as this will further reduce the vertical height for listing files. I request Microsoft to figure out some solution to relocate "___ Tools" label somewhere else or remove it entirely as it is anyways redundant, that is, clicking it does the same thing as clicking the Ribbon tab exactly below it.
    Issue 2:  In Windows Explorer in Windows Developer Preview, for any toolbars that I install and adjust their positions in the unlocked setting, they do not remember their position when Explorer is closed and reopened. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, the toolbar position is remembered correctly in case of these two toolbars or any other toolbar. Specifically, the toolbars I am using are: 1.StExBar 2. Classic Explorer toolbar, which is part of Classic Shell. When these two are enabled (or any other toolbar such as StExBar and QTTabBar), each toolbar is forced on their own row when Explorer is re-started even if I had previously unlocked toolbars and positioned them carefully on the same row, then Locked them. I have contacted the developers of each of these toolbars and they say it's due to a bug in Explorer which is incorrectly forcing RBBS_break style for every toolbar making it appear on a new row, instead of continuing on the same row.
    Issue 3: The combined Preview Pane/Details Pane cannot be resized smaller than a certain size. The minimum width of this is far too wide. In Windows 7 and in Windows Vista, I could set the height of the Details pane (because it was horizontal back then) to a very small size as possible so I can increase the number of files displayed.
    Issue 4: Alt+Enter is the keyboard shortcut for Properties, however it works only in the right pane of Explorer. It does not work in the left (navigation pane) of Windows Explorer. This bug also affects Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    Issue 5: Select some files. in the right pane (more than one). Then from the Ribbon view tab, sort them by some criteria. Notice, the selection of files is lost! This did not happen in XP or Vista.
    Issue 6: Select some files in the right pane (more than one). Then click another location in the left (navigation) pane. Now click Back. Again notice, selection of files is lost. This did not happen in XP or Vista.
    Just thought I would Microsoft aware of these issues ahead of the beta so they will be forwarded to the relevant teams and will be fixed for the upcoming beta release of "Windows 8".
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  • Hey Xpclient,


    Microsoft is monitoring these forums for issues and concerns.  This will be reported up so that the right people are made aware of your concern and feedback regarding Windows Explorer.

    Saturday, October 8, 2011 12:56 AM
  • Thanks. I hope they are fixed this time around. I reported them for Windows 7 too but none of them were fixed.
    Saturday, October 8, 2011 11:49 AM