SD Data Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

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  • SD card is widely used in our daily life, especially for those photography lovers who owe their own digital media (camera, mobile phone etc). But have you ever lost previous files stored on SD card of your device and need urgently a SD card data recovery solution to get the lost memories back?
    •  accidently deleted precious photos on my digital camera SD card
    •  format mobile phone SD card
    •  corrupted data on the crashed SD card
    •  SD card format error saying "the card is not formatted, do you want to format it now"

    How to Recover Those Deleted Files from SD card?

    With data recovery programs, you can easily recover data from SD card for 90% cases. No more extra skills needed, even amateurs can handle it and perform a successful sd recovery.

    For those who are running Windows (XP, Vista, 7) , Photo Recovery will be at help if most of the files are media files as this photo recovery tool also recover videos and music files. If you have other documents or archieves to retrieve, Data Recovery is such kind of software that best qualified to undelete data on SD card. With critical functions listed on the program interface, even amateurs can perform undelete steps without technical skills.
    If you are running with Mac OS X, turn to Data Recovery for Mac. a high-end Mac data recovery solution that recovers deleted or lost files (documents, videos, photos and more) from HFS, HFS+, and NTFS, FAT file system volumes on Mac machines based on OS X.

    Step 1: Install the program on your PC, then connect your SD card via a USB cable or card reader etc.
    Step 2: Open the software and choose the drive your SD card represents to scan.
    Step 3: Preview the found files and click Recover option.

    Before SD card file recovery - what should you mind?
    • Do put your SD card in safe place. Make sure the card won’t meet any physical damage as physical damage will make your lost data extremely hard to be recovered with data recovery programs, unless you send it for special data recovery services. But it’ll charge you a lot and can’t guarantee all your lost data can be undeleted.
    • Don’t put more data to your SD card. If you are using digital camera, stop taking more photos. If you are using mobile phone, game console or similar devices, don’t save more new files to the card. Once your original lost data are written over, they are gone for good.
    • Don’t use any defragmentation tools to defrag your SD card as defragmentation will erase all the lost data information.

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