HLK Failure with RRS feed

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  • I've been trying to get the to install properly.

    On my target system, I run dism /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\TEST\

    I verified that the package has been added by running dism /online /get-packages and it shows up properly as

    The problem is that when I run any tests it's needed for, it complains that it's not installed. 

    I noticed in the log file that the test is is looking for but the file has instead.

    ErrorText="Error 0x00000000" 
    UserText="Error: Missing or mismatched required graphics support files. To resolve this error, please perform the following:
    On desktop, locate and run &quot;dism /online /add-package /packagepath:&lt;path to package&gt;\;
    On mobile, locate Microsoft.Graphics.DXTools.spkg and run &quot;deployd -packages Microsoft.Graphics.DXTools.spkg -packageroot:&lt;path to package&gt;&quot;
    " CA="155134" LA="155582" >
    <WexTraceInfo ThreadId="512" ProcessId="3660" TimeStamp="43292631073" LogSessionId="1"/>
    </Data> <rti id="4003919981" />
    <ctx id="384048256" />

    Tuesday, June 5, 2018 7:57 PM

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  • Hi,

    Can I check your Win10 os version ?

    This file is for Win10x64 1803 17134.

    So,I think your os is 1709 or older

    Best Regards,

    Weber Chang

    Wednesday, June 6, 2018 7:49 AM
  • Weber,

    Thanks for your reply. I can't believe I missed that. My Client system is indeed running Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.431] (1709). That explains it. I had run the wrong client system.



    Wednesday, June 6, 2018 6:54 PM
  • How to find which cab is compatible with OS version?

    Thursday, September 20, 2018 9:22 PM