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  • Hello everyone,

        I am developing a small application that uses the latitude and longitude to calculate the distance between points.
    I am using the following formula within a stored procedure and it works ok.
    set @resultado =ACOS(SIN(RADIANS(@latitude_origem))*SIN(RADIANS (@latitude_destino))+COS(RADIANS(@latitude_origem))*COS(RADIANS(@latitude_destino))*COS(RADIANS(@dif_Longitude)))
                print  @resultado

    With the formula above, the distance is calculated directly.

       I've been researching applications that allow to define routes and found thefollowing web services:
    Application Using Bing MapsSOAP Services
    My question is whether it is possible to obtain a route with the distance between twoor more coordinates, and if the route is drawn based on the shortest path.
    A      -8,750486    41,3559
    B      -8,606915    41,15467
    C      -8,631134    41,15847
    D      -8,766627    41,40691
    distances obtained results of the formula
    CD =31
    If possible using the Bing MapsSOAP Services, 
    is to confirm the results and see what the differences to the 
    formula obtained using only the coordinates.
    It is possible to obtain the distance between more than two points, 
    for examplepassing through all points.

     I use this code to obtain de address with coordinator

    string results = "";
    string key = "”;
    ReverseGeocodeRequest reverseGeocodeRequest = new ReverseGeocodeRequest();
    reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials = newGeoCodeService.Credentials();
    reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials.ApplicationId = key;
    // Set the point to use to find a matching address
    GeoCodeService.Locationpoint = newGeoCodeService.Location();

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