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    Can you give me an scenario example how you have used polymorphism in your project.  With new and override keyword.

    Please give me an example from a finance domain/ecommerce domain.  I am looking from a UML Model Perspective.



    Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:41 AM


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    Well polymorphism means in many forms. The best example would be function overloading :

    Say you have two functions with same name :

    ex:-  public bool ProcessPayment(decimal amt, string cardnumber) 

    ex:-  public bool ProcessPayment(decimal amt, int cardId)

    Here we have done function overloading (i.e. same function name but different input params).

    Another example :

    Lets say you have an abstract method ProcessAmount in your base class

    Now you can ovverride the same in derived class and implement the same in different forms as per your need.

    public abstract class XYZClass
      public abstract bool ProcessPayment();
    public class SQLDerivedXYZ : XYZClass
      public ovverride bool ProcessPayment()
         //implement logic to update or do somethign with sql server db
    public ovverride bool ProcessPayment(string cardnumber, decimal amt)
         //implement logic to update or do somethign with sql server db
    Hope this gives you an idea.



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