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  • As I Tried to run FxCop.exe I keep getting blocked by this pesky code,which interrupts the app's initialization with a message saying  the app stopped working.I uninstalled FxCop.exe and then cleaned the registry before reinstalling the application successfuly.Again the message reappears with the same laconic statement and the same mysterious code details encrypted in the drop down list.The Application Verifier tool was then invoked and made a long report complaining of seemingly unrelated stuff and its side kick,the Windows Debugger did not show me anything was wrong with the app,just Its usual whine about exporting  its own symbols to the kernel as if it was actually jealous of lending any code to any DLL, Kernel or not.But by this time I was truly annoyed and started a SUA scan,which enabled me to build the following scenarios-1-The stop block was generated by a Stack Buffer Overun which keeps flushing the same block code even after FxCop.exe was repaired,uninstalled and reinstalled without a hitch.(successfully )This is now my fortieth month with the platform with a ten to fifteen hour day,seven days a week,and I certainly do not have a clue as for the source or reason for this application blockage or whether it came from the Window Manager,the IO Manager or the Session Manager,or what have you.2-The SUA(Standard User Analyzer) warnings list tells me of a SXS IPC block with the following likeness---Cor_CLR_WRITER\Cor_SXSPublic_IPCblock (This is a SUA  posted warning,not the actual culprit block in this case.)3-The Buffer Overun message's refusal to self delete or to go away , stick around and block the newly reinstalled FxCop.exe has all the makings of a bona fide False Positive which has obviously confused the  Windows Kernel.FxCop.exe can not possibly overun anything as it is being interrupted when it tries to start.Can anyone out there tell me where to find this block so I can settle my accounts with it and close this case? Best Regards from Martin Flyer

    Martin Flyer

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