How to port WP7 apps to Windows 8? RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have a WP7 app (C# + XAML) that I would like to port to Windows 8.

    The way I understood it, I will probably be able to share code between these two. For example, my app downloads data from the web and then sorts it using arrays of strings and integers and then shows it to the user. While the XAML would probably not be exactly the same, I believe that I should be able to keep a lot of the C# code that is responsible for sorting and organizing the data.

    Since until now I only developer for WP7, I did not try to separate general code (that will also run on Windows 8) from device specific code (that uses e.g. methods only available on WP7).

    Anyway, the way I see it I will also have to make changes to my WP7 project.

    Therefore, I would like to be able to develop and debug for both Windows 8 and WP7 on the same machine.

    Where could I do that? I tried to install the WP 7.1 SDK on the Windows 8 Developer preview but I was unable to run the emulator, and from what I know it is only possible to get the Windows 8 developer tools on the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

    Am I making some mistake? Is it impossible to have a WP7 project and a Windows 8 project in the same solution?

    Sunday, December 11, 2011 8:11 PM