how could I save depth/skeleton data to file in v1 (if theirs a difference i should be aware off)?


  • how would i save depth/skeleton data to file using v1 sdk?  Im wanting to save like this project does for beta 2:

    except I want to combine the skeleton data together into animations because he saves images and specific frames of skeleton data but i want to put them together for animations for specific amounts of time.  i would like to convert the guys project above to v1 because it seems promising. I hope owner will help me in converting to v1 commerical sdk because i have a project i think his code would be useful for im getting ready to do.

    Im doing this for a sign language kinect project someone recommend because it might be useful at my work also.

    But heres the my goal for why im wanting to do the above:

    1. capture depth/skeleton data into an animation type file for prerecorded animations of me doing the specific sign language sign.

    2. capture the depth/skeleton data from player and compare against my many prerecorded animations of sign language (which the recordings i will not want to set settings for each one to get it right unless automatically in code but as long as i can compare skeleton animations or depth animation data i will be fine with that) and then go to step 3

    3. Tell the tts (text-to-speech) engine to speak the word.

    I think this project will help people so i will start a codeplex page for people wanting to contribute specifically to this project and/or just make improvements.

    If the old forum posts about this would still work i would use them.

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