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  • Well i"m in a bit of a bind here.  creating a website for a client and they want database entry for partcipants for a marathon, have the site form created and the reciving database created.  but no matter how much i atempt to jog my memory cannot for the life of me remember how to code the aspx transiational url so that with the database on the same server it will create new entries and save them in the database. my deadline for this is saterday, but do have a little bit of leeway.  I know this is probably a really simple fix but while i am working two jobs right now its really hard to find the time to sit down and search.  in a nutshell i need to know three things

    1. for ms Access db what file extension does it need to be, and if any internal Access settings have to be set to be able to link up the website properly

    2. what (html/css/vb/javascript/any other language you can think of) scripthing or code to i have to use on the encoding of the website to like it properly to the database when sent to the server.

    3. what, if any, other linking hidden client side web scripting would i have to use to link up properly. 


    Generic code examples would be apreicated or any links that might help.

    Thanks ahead of time as i may be way to busy to actually respond to any posts.

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