MAPI_E_STORE_FULL when creating a new IMessage (MAPI) with Office365 Exchange Online RRS feed

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    Have an application that uses Outlook's MAPI to create associated items in Public Folders as part of a Public Folder Sync solution.

    Intermittently, and infrequently, creating a new associated item in a folder results in MAPI_E_STORE_FULL.

    The PF mailbox is far from full (3gb consumed of 50gb).  The folder only has a few 1000 items.

    The item is a NEW item and so has no chance to exceed any sort of item size limit.

    So the question is when/why would MAPI receive this error code when creating a new message in a folder?

    Would this error message be received if an underlying throttling limit is exceeded?

    Please note that I'm a 15 year developer of MAPI - it's not my first time :).
    Also, the application is a Public Folder sync solution that has been in use for about year across several different customers.  This issue was only found this week.  We have worked around the issue by retrying the operation after a small delay.

    The key thing to understand is that although it is 3rd party code that is doing this, 1000s of items are created in folders without issue.  So, it is NOT immediately a poor coding issue.  Please respect the fact that we are selling commercial software that helps customers get to Office365.

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