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    I'm currently developing a c# mobile application for windows mobile 6 with vs2008. My goal is to build my first sort of enterprise mobile application. A few of my selfmade requirements include a multi-module architecture because I want to be able to put different "applications" inside the same main application, not only to make it easier to develop it but also to be able to develop more modules in the future and add them to the main application by some kind of update process.

    Meanwhile I'm waiting for a couple of .net cf / c# books / mobile development books to help me understand my architecture options and get some hints, I have been searching the internet for some related information. I must say that I haven't found any fantastic website or forum with all my answers (maybe I'm not searching quite well), and I think that MSDN info is sometimes quite out of date. (a lot .net cf 1.0 examples that nowadays may be useless because of cf 2.0 - 3.5).

    Another architecture problem that I'm trying to solve is related to user interface. I have developed small applications with only one windows form, but due to the volume of input and output controls I guess that it doesn't make sense to have 10 panels in only one form. (not to say that because of the many modules I absolutely have to use more than one form) I haven't found much about this issue, only an old msdn sample using FormStack, that I'm not sure it's still the best option.

    I'm asking if anyone can point me into some direction about my architecture options and facilitate me some webpages or source examples or samples.

    I thank in advance for any help or time spent reading my post.


    José Domingues
    Thursday, March 27, 2008 7:03 PM


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