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    My client application and server application are both in different time zones. Now, there is a DateTime field in one of my DataTables which I am sending across the server from client.


    There is one issue I am facing. Let us say client is in the UK and server in the USA and client sends a date in the datetime field of the datatable let us say 8/14 to the server. Then, it reaches the server as 8/13 as it is converting the date to its own timezone. I noticed that the time is always going as 00:00 from client and hence, every time, the date is getting saved as one day before as the date is getting adjusted to the server's time zone. This is a major concern for me as I want the same date to reach the server what I send. I guess, this conversion is happening while remoting or while deserialization.


    Has anybody faced this problem or found some solution? Please help.


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    Tuesday, August 14, 2007 9:35 AM

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