Create project template with different solution name RRS feed

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  • (Trying to work) In Blend 4.

    I'm trying to give users a template to create sketchflow projects and I'm running into an issue.  Seems that Blend wants to name the solution the same name as the project?  How can we give users the ability (without having to jump into Visual Studio) to name the solution something different? 

    Also, why are Blend templates so different than (traditional) Visual Studios'?  I ask because I tried opening the templates and working on them as if they were Visual Studio templates... didn't work.  I tried pulling in a Blend solution and then "Export Template as VSIX"... crashed with the ridiculously cryptic "startindex cannot be larger than length of string" error message.  Why was this made so difficult in Blend?

    Friday, June 4, 2010 12:57 AM