Configuring Azure AD Connect for Password Sync and Single Sign-On


  • I'm trying to configure the option to use Single Sign-on with Password Synchronization in Azure AD Connect 1.1.443.0. However, in the configuration wizard, I cannot select the "Enable single sign-on" checkbox if I select the Password Synchronization radio button.


    The "Enable single sign-on" checkbox is not disabled, it just won't let me check it. I've tried using the mouse and keyboard options. 


    Has anyone been able to select these two options?

    Update - If I launch the Azure AD Connect app after the initial configuration and choose "Change user sign-in", then the User Sign-In page allows me to set the sign on method to Password Synchronization and select "Enable single sign-on". So perhaps there is a bug with the initial setup.

    Friday, March 24, 2017 8:46 AM

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