Backing up to Azure with Veritas Backup Exec 16


  • Hi, I backup to Azure (cool storage) from Backup Exec 16. It used to work fine, it now only really works with small backups (max 6GB). Anything over just eventually fails. I got a few articles from Microsoft, I went through the suggestions but couldn't find anything relevant. I went back to Veritas who checked some application logs that seem to point at a hardware issue on Azure's side.

    Errors like:

    [05352] 04/24/17 15:55:33.181 DeviceIo: beost: Critical: Azure: CAzureManager::open_image:


    Device Hard Errors      13 write, 0 read

    And many others. I've created a new container on Azure, same problem. I used to be able to backup over 150GB in 1 go without any issues. I can't think of any changes in our network environment that could have affected the connection to Azure.

    Are there any obvious issue with our Azure storage? Do we have access to any logs or debug tools that could help us identify the issue? Best regards

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017 2:08 PM

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